Our services

KTA Saint Petersburg offers the following technical support

Lightening of working place:

  • in workplaces (one workplace)
  • power lighting of copy frame (Вт/м²)
  • lighting of copy frame

Climate conditions testing:

  • temperature
  • humidity

Dampening solution parameters:

  • рН
  • conductivity
  • water hardness
  • temperature
  • alcohol content

Developer parameters control:

  • рН
  • temperature

Printing and copying processes control:

  • copying process and exposure time correction by UGRA testing wedge
  • copy frames vacuum system control FOGRA KKS testing wedge
  • printing process densitometric quality control by GRETAG D19C
  • spectrophotometric printing control to determine quality of color reproduction by spectrophotometer GRETAG SPM 55

Printing machines’ testing by testing forms:

  • copying process control
  • production and quality control of testing forms
  • dampening solution parameters control
  • testing forms analyses by densitometer GRETAG D 19C
  • written report with problems detected and recommendations